A Truly Anonymous Cryptocurrency   

Introverium aims to be the world's first cryptocurrency infrastructure built on top of the i2P peer-to-peer invisible internet protocol

Untraceable even if i2p get compromised!

Introverium User

Transaction Completed

Introverium Network 

Introverium will build an "i2p" network on top of the i2p network. 

Like a virtual machine for anonymous transactions. 

Even if one of the two gets compromised (fails) the transaction would still be secure.

The main problem with Tor is that it is overly used by many privacy-cryptocurrencies. 

This makes it a single point of failure for anonymous transactions, if Tor stops working so does the privacy-cryptocurrency. 

Tor is also not as anonymous as one might believe, in fact if you own a tor exit node you would be able to expose all users that connect to your node. 

A good chunk of Tor nodes are hosted by governments and internet service providers. 

Most individuals who use Tor do not host nodes themselves and this leads to centralization of the Tor network. 

The Tor network falls victim to many attacks everyday and there is reason to believe that certain organizations are trying or already have infiltrated Tor. 

The Tor network is slow and unreliable.

Why Not Tor ?

i2P, the invisible internet project is a peer-to-peer, decentralized, open-source, anonymous communication network. 

It is peer-to-peer, decentralized and open source, which is also the core fundamentals of cryptocurrency. 

 Anonymous connections are achieved by end-to-end encryption. 

There are endless paths to rout the traffic between the peer-to-peer network which makes it fast, decentralized and impossible for third parties to watch. 

I2P is an anonymous network layer that is designed for other software to establish anonymous connections.

Why i2P ?

Introverium will build an infrastructure on top of i2p to allow transactions to go through the i2p network. The transactions will be routed through three different sessions. This will be done to maximize anonymity just in case a path is fully comprimised by a thrid party. The chances that a path is comprimised are almost non existant. Introverium will use i2p-bote. I2P-bote will be Modified and integrated into the introverium wallet allowing you to send fast and truly anonymous transactions.  

Why Introverium?


Max Coin supply:  140 000 000

Blocktime: 60

Blockreward: 10

Difficulty Retargeting:  120 Blocks 

Algorith:  Scrypt (& SHA256d)

Masternode Collateral: 100 000

Reward distribution:  80% MN / 20% PoW

When PoS is enabled: 75% MN / 25% PoS / 0% PoW

This will happen around block 2 million 

Name: Introverium (INTR)


- Release and distribution of the INTR coin

- Start working on i2p bote integration

- Working on i2p bote integration

- Working on new wallet

- Release new wallet with i2p integrated anonymous sending through i2p network

- Remove PoW

- Add Staking

- Start working on mobile possibilities

- working on extra features 

2018 Q3

2018 Q4

2019 Q1

2019 Q2

Roadmap can be updated if necessary.


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This product is produced independently from the open-source i2p invisible internet project.

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